A guide to finding your first apartment

Have you landed your first job and are ready to move out from your parents’ home? The transition can be exciting if you find a good spot to call your new home. The search for an apartment can, however, be challenging if you don’t know what you are looking for. We will help you out by guiding you on the crucial things that you should consider when looking for your first apartment.

First, you need to decide the features that matter to you. Come up with a list of what you want from an apartment as you key in factors such as the size of square footage, number of bedrooms, and even particular amenities. Prioritize on the things that the apartment must have and identify the ones that you would like but can live without. When searching for apartments in Malaysia, consider residing in upcoming neighborhoods that have recently constructed buildings. Make use of online tools to help you explore different communities as you compare the amenities in each apartment until the one that can fulfill most of your needs.

Timing is a crucial aspect of real estate. You should, therefore, start looking for an apartment as soon as you decide to move. Most people move during the first days of the month, and delaying can make you miss out on a good apartment. The busiest season for most rentals is between May-August. Start your search at least a month in advance so that you can find one easily. Avoid assuming that you can move in some few days before your lease starts. Communicate with your landlord before you book a moving truck so that you can confirm the exact date you should move.

You should also have a clear budget as soon as you start looking at apartments. Apart from the rent, you should have enough funds for the deposit as well as all the expenses you may incur while moving. You should have enough to cover the rent as well as start saving. As you make your budget, have in mind expenses for utilities like gas, electricity or other necessities like internet or maintenance fees.

If you don’t have adequate funds, you can still make apartment- living affordable by moving in with a roommate. Some of the landlords allow roommates to combine their income to pay rent. As you apply for the apartment, you may have to pay a credit check fee. Some landlords need a renter’s insurance, which can protect your possessions in case of a burglary.

Most of the people looking to rent for the first time lack credit history. If you have just landed your first job and need an apartment near it, you can get a guarantor to help you secure one. The guarantor can be your parent who can help you pay the rent. The landlord may need the guarantor’s income to be at least 80 times the rent. This assures them that the guarantor can pay for their own bills and yours without struggling.